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Wisconsin Seaplane Pilot's 

Annual Fall Fly-In and Safety Seminar

Cancelled for 2008



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Seaplane Arrival Information

The lake is plenty long...we've had everything from ultralights to Goose's and Albatross's in the past.

Here's the Eagle River Airport's Website.  (EGV) Unicom is 122.8

Here's the AirNav information on Eagle River Airport (AirNav)

100LL and Auto Gas are available at the resort for straight-float airplanes. Amphib aircraft are requested to fuel at the Eagle River airport.

Please fly carefully and courteously. We are guests in this area, and although most of the neighbors love to watch the seaplanes, we need to be respectful of their environment. 

If you are planning on coming and have registered, but encounter delays along the way due to weather, mechanical, etc., please contact Safety Chairman Curt Drumm via cell phone at 920-901-2200 so we know you're OK. Cell phone coverage is spotty, please leave a message if you don't reach him. Thanks.


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